Finding The Right Home In The Right Location Can Be Tricky. Here Are Some Great Pointers That Will Lead You To Finding a Neighborhood That Fits Your Needs

Is it hard to find a house in a neighborhood you like? All too often, homeowners find homes that they love, but they don’t necessarily love the location. So, how can you be sure to nail down both? Well, to do this, you have to actually take action. You can’t rely on someone telling you that the neighborhood is good. You’ll have to make an effort and also sit and do some careful thinking. Here are some great ways to figure out what neighborhood you want. images

Think about your family, or future family if you don’t have one. If you have children, or if you are considering having some soon, then the schools are then the first thing you should search for. What kinds of schools are in the neighborhood? Are any of them schools where you would want to enroll your children in? If they are not, are you willing to drive further to school each morning and afternoon to pick them up and drop them off? If you live near a desirable school, the value of your home will increase.

You need to think about what type of house you want. Whether it be a single family home, a town home, an apartment, or a condominium. You must take the time research different types of homes. Would you rather drive to work, or walk? Are you willing to take the bus, or buy a car? These are things you have to think about.

Do you want to live in an old neighborhood or do you want to live in the suburbs? If you buy an older home, it is going to need lots of repairs and they are governed by community rules, which are often very strict. If you are wanting to buy an older home, you are going to also have to look at the architectural details, as you want to have a home with the ‘character’ that fits your style. Unknown

Figure out what you want in a community. If you like to eat out a lot, you should probably live somewhere close to the city. If you prefer a more secluded area such as the water, research those areas. Figure out if you’d rather be in walking or driving distance to the places you’d most often be going to in a neighborhood.  images-2

Once you have the area of the city you want to live in, this is where you need to begin looking around for things such as crime reports. Look into schools. Also don’t forget to check out crime statistics. It is really easy to do this; all you have to do is type in the address or zip code, and it will give you a list of how many and which crimes have been committed within the past few years, and even days. Remember that you are not only buying a house, you’re buying the neighborhood! If you don’t like it before you even more in, you definitely will be miserable when you do.

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  • So that home that I found is what appears to be a safe area, however when I looked online, it says there is frequent crime there. I have also driven by at night and haven’t seen anything super shady?

    • Hi Britney. Well..that’s a tough one. The reason is that you must see what TYPES of crimes occur. It may be break-ins, or maybe there are sex offenders in the area. Both can be sporadic. You’ll have to decide what types of crimes and what frequency are deal-breakers for you. No one can decide these things for you.

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